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2 Timothy 4:2

Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long suffering and doctrine.

March 2017 Preacher
1 Thessalonians 4  3/26/17am Pastor Victor Zavala
1 Thessalonians 2  3/19/17am Pastor Victor Zavala
1 Thessalonians 2  3/12/17 A.M. Pastor Victor Zavala
Revelation 2  3/8/17pm Bro. Jason White 
February 2017 Preacher
 We Need A Heart Change 2/26/17pm Bro. Ethan White
Revelation 2  2/19/17pm Bro. Jason White
Trusting the LORD 2/19/17am Pastor Victor Zavala 
Revelation 2  2/12/17pm Bro. Jason White 
Unity  2/12/17am Pastor Victor Zavala
Romans 15  2/5/17pm Bro. Jason White
Walk with God  2/5/17am Pastor Victor Zavala 
January 2017 Preacher
2 Timothy 4  1/29/17pm Bro. Ethan White
Romans 14  1/22/17pm Bro. Jason White
Jeremiah 31  1/22/17am Pastor Victor Zavala
Romans 13  1/15/17pm Bro. Jason White
Mark 9  1/15/17am Pastor Victor Zavala
Romans 12  1/8/17pm Bro. Jason White
Romans 11  1/1/17pm Bro. Jason White
New Years Resolution 1/1/17am Pastor Victor Zavala 
December 2016 Preacher 
Romans 10  12/11/16pm Bro. Jason White 
Hebrews 3  12/11/16am Pastor Victor Zavala
UnThankful  12/7/16pm Bro. Matt Borello
Ephesians 5  12/4/16pm Bro. Ethan White
Jeremiah 6  12/4/16am Bro. Jason White 
November 2016 Preacher
Romans 9  11/13/16pm Bro. Jason White 
Revelation 1  11/13/16am Pastor Victor Zavala 
Romans 8  11/6/16pm Bro. Jason White 
Luke 17  11/6/16am Pastor Victor Zavala  
October 2016
Mark 1  10/30/16am Pastor Victor Zavala
Romans 6  10/26/16pm Bro. Jason White
Nehemiah 8  10/23/16pm Pastor Victor Zavala 
Ephesians 3  10/23/16am Pastor Victor Zavala
Romans 5  10/16/16pm Bro. Jason White 
Proverbs 14  10/16/16am Pastor Victor Zavala
Romans 4  10/9/16pm Bro. Jason White
Proverbs 8  10/9/16am Pastor Victor Zavala
Romans 3  10/2/16pm Bro. Jason White
Titus 1  10/2/16am Pastor Victor Zavala
September 2016
Romans 2  9/25/16pm Bro. Jason White
Titus 1  9/25/16am Pastor Victor Zavala
Romans 1  9-18-16pm Bro. Jason White 
Hebrews 6  9-11-16pm Pastor Victor Zavala 
Matthew 21  9/14/16pm Bro. Jason White 
Luke 13  9-11-16am Pastor Victor Zavala  
Luke 18  9/4/16am Pastor Victor Zavala  
August 2016
Faithful in service 8/28/16am Bro. Jason White
Matthew 11  8/21/16pm Bro. Jason White
Jesus is the best covenant 8/21/16am  Pastor Victor Zavala
Matthew 10  To GO  8/14/16pm Bro. Jason White
Press toward the mark for the Prize 8/14/16am Pastor Victor Zavala
Matthew 8  Power of the King 8/7/16pm Bro. Jason White
James 1  8/7/16am Pastor Victor Zavala
July 2016
Time to Get Serious 7/31/16pm Bro. Ethan White
Matthew 13  7/31/16am Pastor Victor Zavala
2 Timothy Stir Up the Gift of God 7/24/16pm Bro. Ethan White
Isaiah 1 (Part 2) 7/24/16am Pastor Victor Zavala
Matthew 6  7/17/16pm Bro. Jason White
Isaiah 1  7/17/16am Pastor Victor Zavala 
Hezekiah & Manasseh 7/13/16pm Bro. Matt Borello
Matthew 5 Instructions for the Kingdom 7/10/16pm Bro. Jason White  
Learn to Do Well 7/10/16am  Pastor Victor Zavala
Blessed is the Nation whose God is the LORD 7/3/16am Pastor Victor Zavala
June 2016 Preacher
Matthew 4  6/26/16pm Bro. Jason White
James 4  6/26/16am Pastor Victor Zavala
Matthew 3  6/19/16pm Bro. Jason White
Joshua 24  6/19/16am Pastor Victor Zavala
Isaiah 53  6/12/16pm Bro. Jason White 
The Tithe 6/12/16am Pastor Victor Zavala 
The Just Shall Live By Faith 6/5/16am Pastor Victor Zavala  
Psalm 29  6/1/16pm Pastor Victor Zavala
May 2016 Preacher
Joshua 4  5/29/16am Pastor Victor Zavala 
Ecclesiastes 12  5/22/16pm Bro. Jason White 
God’s Grace 5/22/16am  Pastor Victor Zavala
Psalm 17  5/18/16pm Pastor Victor Zavala
Ecclesiastes 1 & 2  5/15/16pm Bro. Jason White
Unfeigned Faith 5/15/16am Pastor Victor Zavala 
Psalm 9  5/11/16pm Pastor Victor Zavala
1 Corinthians 10  5/8/16pm Bro. Jason White 
Mom’s Bitter Sweet Lives 5/8/16am Pastor Victor Zavala 
1 Corinthians 10  5/1/16pm Bro. Jason White
 Be Different 5/1/16am Pastor Victor Zavala
April 2016 Preacher
The Storms of Life 4/27/16pm Bro. Matt Borello
1 Corinthians 10  4/24/16pm Bro. Jason White
Why Should We Try 4/24/16am Bro. Jason White
1 Corinthians 10 4/17/16pm Bro. Jason White
1 Peter 5  4/17/16am Pastor Victor Zavala
1 Corinthians 10 4/10/16pm Bro. Jason White
Choosing the Right Gate 4/10/16am Pastor Victor Zavala
Exodus 14  4/3/16pm Bro. Jason White