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2 Timothy 4:2

Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long suffering and doctrine.

March 2017 Preacher
1 Thessalonians 4  3/26/17am Pastor Victor Zavala
1 Thessalonians 2  3/19/17am Pastor Victor Zavala
1 Thessalonians 2  3/12/17 A.M. Pastor Victor Zavala
Revelation 2  3/8/17pm Bro. Jason White 
February 2017 Preacher
 We Need A Heart Change 2/26/17pm Bro. Ethan White
Revelation 2  2/19/17pm Bro. Jason White
Trusting the LORD 2/19/17am Pastor Victor Zavala 
Revelation 2  2/12/17pm Bro. Jason White 
Unity  2/12/17am Pastor Victor Zavala
Romans 15  2/5/17pm Bro. Jason White
Walk with God  2/5/17am Pastor Victor Zavala 
January 2017 Preacher
2 Timothy 4  1/29/17pm Bro. Ethan White
Romans 14  1/22/17pm Bro. Jason White
Jeremiah 31  1/22/17am Pastor Victor Zavala
Romans 13  1/15/17pm Bro. Jason White
Mark 9  1/15/17am Pastor Victor Zavala
Romans 12  1/8/17pm Bro. Jason White
Romans 11  1/1/17pm Bro. Jason White
New Years Resolution 1/1/17am Pastor Victor Zavala 
December 2016 Preacher 
Romans 10  12/11/16pm Bro. Jason White 
Hebrews 3  12/11/16am Pastor Victor Zavala
UnThankful  12/7/16pm Bro. Matt Borello
Ephesians 5  12/4/16pm Bro. Ethan White
Jeremiah 6  12/4/16am Bro. Jason White 
November 2016 Preacher
Romans 9  11/13/16pm Bro. Jason White 
Revelation 1  11/13/16am Pastor Victor Zavala 
Romans 8  11/6/16pm Bro. Jason White 
Luke 17  11/6/16am Pastor Victor Zavala  
October 2016
Mark 1  10/30/16am Pastor Victor Zavala
Romans 6  10/26/16pm Bro. Jason White
Nehemiah 8  10/23/16pm Pastor Victor Zavala 
Ephesians 3  10/23/16am Pastor Victor Zavala
Romans 5  10/16/16pm Bro. Jason White 
Proverbs 14  10/16/16am Pastor Victor Zavala
Romans 4  10/9/16pm Bro. Jason White
Proverbs 8  10/9/16am Pastor Victor Zavala
Romans 3  10/2/16pm Bro. Jason White
Titus 1  10/2/16am Pastor Victor Zavala
September 2016
Romans 2  9/25/16pm Bro. Jason White
Titus 1  9/25/16am Pastor Victor Zavala
Romans 1  9-18-16pm Bro. Jason White 
Hebrews 6  9-11-16pm Pastor Victor Zavala 
Matthew 21  9/14/16pm Bro. Jason White 
Luke 13  9-11-16am Pastor Victor Zavala  
Luke 18  9/4/16am Pastor Victor Zavala  
August 2016
Faithful in service 8/28/16am Bro. Jason White
Matthew 11  8/21/16pm Bro. Jason White
Jesus is the best covenant 8/21/16am  Pastor Victor Zavala
Matthew 10  To GO  8/14/16pm Bro. Jason White
Press toward the mark for the Prize 8/14/16am Pastor Victor Zavala
Matthew 8  Power of the King 8/7/16pm Bro. Jason White
James 1  8/7/16am Pastor Victor Zavala
July 2016
Time to Get Serious 7/31/16pm Bro. Ethan White
Matthew 13  7/31/16am Pastor Victor Zavala
2 Timothy Stir Up the Gift of God 7/24/16pm Bro. Ethan White
Isaiah 1 (Part 2) 7/24/16am Pastor Victor Zavala
Matthew 6  7/17/16pm Bro. Jason White
Isaiah 1  7/17/16am Pastor Victor Zavala 
Hezekiah & Manasseh 7/13/16pm Bro. Matt Borello
Matthew 5 Instructions for the Kingdom 7/10/16pm Bro. Jason White  
Learn to Do Well 7/10/16am  Pastor Victor Zavala
Blessed is the Nation whose God is the LORD 7/3/16am Pastor Victor Zavala
June 2016 Preacher
Matthew 4  6/26/16pm Bro. Jason White
James 4  6/26/16am Pastor Victor Zavala
Matthew 3  6/19/16pm Bro. Jason White
Joshua 24  6/19/16am Pastor Victor Zavala
Isaiah 53  6/12/16pm Bro. Jason White 
The Tithe 6/12/16am Pastor Victor Zavala 
The Just Shall Live By Faith 6/5/16am Pastor Victor Zavala  
Psalm 29  6/1/16pm Pastor Victor Zavala
May 2016 Preacher
Joshua 4  5/29/16am Pastor Victor Zavala 
Ecclesiastes 12  5/22/16pm Bro. Jason White 
God’s Grace 5/22/16am  Pastor Victor Zavala
Psalm 17  5/18/16pm Pastor Victor Zavala
Ecclesiastes 1 & 2  5/15/16pm Bro. Jason White
Unfeigned Faith 5/15/16am Pastor Victor Zavala 
Psalm 9  5/11/16pm Pastor Victor Zavala
1 Corinthians 10  5/8/16pm Bro. Jason White 
Mom’s Bitter Sweet Lives 5/8/16am Pastor Victor Zavala 
1 Corinthians 10  5/1/16pm Bro. Jason White
 Be Different 5/1/16am Pastor Victor Zavala
April 2016 Preacher
The Storms of Life 4/27/16pm Bro. Matt Borello
1 Corinthians 10  4/24/16pm Bro. Jason White
Why Should We Try 4/24/16am Bro. Jason White
1 Corinthians 10 4/17/16pm Bro. Jason White
1 Peter 5  4/17/16am Pastor Victor Zavala
1 Corinthians 10 4/10/16pm Bro. Jason White
Choosing the Right Gate 4/10/16am Pastor Victor Zavala
Exodus 14  4/3/16pm Bro. Jason White


Come on in and get ready to not only hear the preaching of God’s Word. Be prepared to be challenged by what God’s Word has to say. The preaching of Scripture is not intended merely be heard, it is to ignite a spiritual response in our lives which will produce positive fruit that impacts the world through us. 

FMBC has an exciting and gifted group of preachers, working along side of Pastor Mike, serving up spiritual food to the flock each week.